Sunday, September 23, 2012

Choosing A Print Company For Your Posters

Choosing a print company for posters can be a daunting task. The last thing you want is to end up with a poorly executed job or a price tag that is beyond what you budgeted for. Your promotional campaign can be adversely affected and dollars can be lost when the quality you receive is substandard. You want to choose a printing business that will be able to produce the number of materials that you require for the quality that you need, as well as the price.
The first thing you must do before you start looking for a company to print your promotional items is to identify the size of the job. Is the job you need small, such as 10 to 20, or do you need posters for a larger audience, such as 50 to 100? You also must decide if you want large sized work that goes beyond average dimensions, or if you want work that is printed on letter sized paper. By knowing exactly what it is you are aiming for, you will be able to target the printers that are most fitting for your needs.
If the job you have is small, such as printing posters for an upcoming flea market, then visit a printer who specializes in small-scale materials. Look for a local printer in your area who can print you up some colorful posters that will draw attention to the event. Local printers are more likely to offer you a cheaper quote or even a discount for services. Smaller jobs can be done faster in a local print shop since the schedules they have are usually more flexible.
For promotional projects that are of a larger scale, you need to seek out a larger, professional printing house. A professional printing company has the resources necessary to handle quantities that exceed 100, or even 500 or more. The larger companies will have the staff and the equipment that is required to print items for mass production. The process at the big companies will be organized and automated. You can tell the representative that you talk with what your target delivery date is and then patiently wait for the day to arrive.
If your posters are unique in that they have custom shapes and sizes, then you need to be as meticulous as you can be in selecting the business that you wish to hire. It would be in your best interests to choose a specialized printer that is proficient at handling procedures that are a little out of the ordinary. Avoid the houses that are very standardized in how they process materials. Look for a shop that can offer you design help as part of the overall package.

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